FPM: Lyrical Hair Custom Non Surgical Bonded Mono Lace Mens Hair Toupee System, Best Swiss French Lace Frontal Professional Short Hair Replacement System for Men, Real Natural Mens Human Hair Pieces Unit

Model Number: FPM

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The FPM HAIR SYSTEM is the perfect hair accessory for you,especially when you want it to go unnoticed all the time.Put it on now and experience what we are driving at.
  • -FRENCH LACE FRONT: French lace is so great that you don't feel you are wearing a hairpiece.
  • -FINE MONOFILAMENT TOP: invisible apprearance key
  • -BASE COLOR:flesh,brown,black,transparent,pink,yellow,light reddish brown,or any color you like.
  • -CUSTOMIZE your hair color,highlights,and percentage gray content.
  • -NATURAL LOOKING HAIRLINE: touch your hair anywhere you want and anyway you want to touch in.
  • -POLY COATED CIRCUMFERENCE:reinforce and support
  • -MAXIMUM VENTILATION:feel comfortable with its excellent ventilation characteristics
  • -HAIR FIBERS are implanted by hand: you can never go wrong when you talk about the accuracy of quality.
  • -BLEACHED KNOT: Choose a bleached knot or none at all.
  • -SIZE TO CUT: base with 3 layers.Can be cut to smaller sizes you want.e.g. 8''x 10'' can be cut into 7''x 9'' and 6''x 8''.

US$ 230.00

US$ 276.00

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Item specifics

  • Base material: Lace front, Full mono, Mono with perimeters
  • Breathable: Fine

This FPM hair system is a fantastic one that you can't miss! It may sound incredible, but what the best hair replacement you're after is undetectable. It can well do that. Fine monofilament mesh - commonly known for their durability and strength - almost assures that your top is in good condition and you have nothing to worry about. The mono mesh has been used in different industries and has demonstrated outstanding material sensitivity by touch. Experience monofilament meshes for a bare and all-natural feeling, as it makes the hairpieces supple, soft and subtle. 

Read our "DESCRIPTION" for the salient benefits and features of the FPM System.  


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